TRIANA MEDIA FILMS, SL, Is a production service company fully registered on the Ministry of Culture and Sport's Film Company Register. Set up to provide executive production and location services to international productions, films and TV series to be shot in Spain.


Juanma Ramos

Juanma is a Producer based in Spain with an extensive background in the international film and advertising production service and fully dedicated during the last twenty-five years to help production companies to receive the best film, video, photo, or any other media production services. Juanma possess the ability to inspire, motivate, and ignite the synergistic momentum needed to take any project through to its completion. He has the skill set to produce projects in all the areas of film, television, and new media, the Relationships are key in our business and he come with a wide range of resources and contacts all over the Spanish territory. he pride himself on being a team player and having the ability to make every cent count and work within any budget. Juanma has a master degree in film production - Veigler Business School.

Antonio Salas

Antonio's wealth of experience over the years in independent companies, studios and lately in his own consulting company, has given him a broad understanding of the film industry. From inception to consumption, he has collaborated in most aspects of the journey. His work ranges widely from script and finance adviser, devise production business models and lead the sales efforts in renowned sales companies. His passion for stories and representation has been present ever since he set foot in the industry more than 15 years ago and has accompanied him in all choices he has made when helping decide projects to sell, acquire or produce. Antonio has a great understanding of the media finance process and its dynamics, used to issue and negotiate finance plans, he has an excellent interpersonal skills and used to manage different teams to reach a goal. Antonio has a BA HONORS in Contemporary Media Practice – University of Westminster.